Bad Boy Cowboy

Bad Boy Cowboy When Logan Miller pulls up to the EZ Does It ranch atop a gleaming black Harley bearing tattoos and killer green eyes Jax Brolin knows he s in trouble How can this be the same skinny kid who used to
  • Title: Bad Boy Cowboy
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Logan Miller pulls up to the EZ Does It ranch atop a gleaming black Harley, bearing tattoos and killer green eyes, Jax Brolin knows he s in trouble How can this be the same skinny kid who used to play with his baby brother Still recovering from a secret affair gone bad, Jax knows his heart can t take another beating Distancing himself is his only weapon, and he useWhen Logan Miller pulls up to the EZ Does It ranch atop a gleaming black Harley, bearing tattoos and killer green eyes, Jax Brolin knows he s in trouble How can this be the same skinny kid who used to play with his baby brother Still recovering from a secret affair gone bad, Jax knows his heart can t take another beating Distancing himself is his only weapon, and he uses it well.Until Logan reunited with his best friend s big brother, he d thought the best thing to have between his legs was a motorcycle, followed closely by a horse Now, at the age of twenty six, Logan wants the man he s fantasized about since puberty.The town may classify Logan as a bad boy, but all he wants is to be is a good man for Jax and he ll do anything to get the man s attention.
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    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information erotic gay romances

    2. Ms Lynne s Bad Boy Cowboy is our seventh visit to Cattle Valley A town,which is fast becoming a much loved place to visit and never leave if we had a choice.In this visit we get a peek into the goings on at the EZ Does It Ranch With Wynn and Ezra together and Smokey getting the boot, you would think things had settled down on that spread of land But noooooooo, the ranch foreman Jax is at it this time.When Logan Miller turned up at the ranch on his motor bike, Jax was not prepared for the body th [...]

    3. eh it wasn t bad.I liked the MC s, but I never got emotionally involved.The story was well paced.It s a okay story, when ya need quit shot of some cowboy lovin.It just didn t grab me.I did like Logan and the bull riding I didn t know if I wanted to tell him to keep his fool ass off the bull, or to root hi on.

    4. I like that Jax and Logan s relationship wasn t all easy, breezy, beautiful, coverboy I like that they had to fight for each other Now if both of them had been honest initially then we d have had smoother sailing and probably not as interesting a story.I really like how the author plugged her other series by having Logan read the Campus Cravings book I wasn t too impressed with book one but I ll definitely read the rest and see what s so special about Bear s story

    5. Nice and easy read.I liked both characters but Jax s my favorite and I d like him having a little action , but some of the obstacles felt kinda childish somehow I mean they d been worrying over pretty stupid little things, but whatever the ending was sweet and that s all I care about

    6. Bad Boy Cowboy is the seventh book in the Cattle Valley series In this story, we again meet Jax Brolin, a ranch hand, and Logan Miller, who is hired on to the ranch This book is told in third person from both MCs povs view spoiler The blurb sums up what the book is about so I won t repeat it Logan has been in love with Jax ever since he was a kid Logan pretty much made his life choices based on what he believed Jax would want He molded himself for Jax Jax is attracted to Logan, but has had his h [...]

    7. It s been a few years since I read a Carol Lynne book because I felt like they d all gotten samey samey I thought it had been long enough that it would be like new again but not so much I don t think the cowboy was much of a bad boy, and their reasons for failing to communicate seemed a little thin Mostly it was fine, but I don t think it ll stick with me.

    8. As I just said in the past, the Cattle Valley gay soap opera is a mix of full angst, medium angst and totally funny books In the fictional gay town of Cattle Valley, every possible type of romance is represented, and this time is the bad boy good boy play that is on.Logan is a tattooed, biker and handsome cowboy He actually is fond of bikes than horses, but he has also a crush on Jax, his best friend s older brother, and since the man is a born cowboy, Logan chose the same path to be near him B [...]

    9. Jax Brolin has known Logan Miller pretty much since the day he was born He s his litte brother s best friend and when he was in need of a job on a gay friendly ranch, Jax didn t hesitate to give it to him, but he knows he needs to be careful or the temptation that is Logan will get the better of him.His heart was put through the ringer by a several year long affair with someone he shouldn t have given his heart to and he puts himself through hell as punishment and decides that love is for the bi [...]

    10. I loved Logan, I really felt for him, he came from a bad home situation after his parents died and he found solace in Jax and Jakey s home Sent to work at the EZ Does It, Logan s love for Jax still runs deep, but he d never told him about it, and Jax has some issues to work out on his own We don t ever see or hear anything else about Jakey, other than Jax saying that he can t start anything with Logan because he s Jakey s best friend He got over that part pretty quick though Logan done everythin [...]

    11. Well, I ve been reading the Cattle Valley Series in Order and Book 7 was pretty standard for the series Lots of sex Hot, horny cowboysIt s all good Logan Jax were enjoyable MCs in an enjoyable storyline I liked them, but didn t love them It was a quick read and was never boring Jax is the supervisor of a staff of ranch hands on a working ranch owned by Ezra, an MC from an earlier book in the series Logan is the man who fell in love with Jax when he was a teenager and nobody since has ever lived [...]

    12. I kind of think its funny that I am a straight female and yet I am reading gay romance I have never read gay romance before the reason I read this book originally is because I have a friend who is gay that is simply in love with this book series because he has told me all about this series a lot I figured I would give it a go well all I can is is my friend has fabulous taste not that he would ever let me forget that for even a second I may be a straight female but I simply love the guys in the s [...]

    13. I didn t care for this story at all I didn t like Jax or Logan Both were extremely immature and the plot was unrealistic and just plain exasperating And it didn t flow very well I found huge holes that made me go Uh There were a couple of spots where I was shaking my head, not believing what I was reading Like when after Logan suffers a severe concussion and broken wrist after riding a bull Immediately after being taken to the clinic, Logan wants to be released so he can take Jax dancing Then th [...]

    14. Hot Cowboy LoveJax is a cowboy through and through Logan is Jax s little brother s best friend He has been in love with Jax since he was a teenager Logan rides in on a motorcycle in the begin of the story He came looking for a job with Jax on the ranch Both of these characters have secrets that they don t want to share with the other person This story is about how Logan and Jax come to love and trust each other I really enjoyed how the author developed the men s relationship and story Logan is, [...]

    15. Lots of stuff going on in here I liked how hard Logan works with his reading, keeping it a secret My biggest problem with this story is actually not with the story but with me For some reason, my mind kept wanting the names to be switched For me, Logan s name should have been Jax, and vice versa I can t think of another instance where I ve had this happen when reading Sometimes a name doesn t seem to quite fit, but not like this As you ll have noticed, I don t really write reviews , just my own [...]

    16. Bad Boy Cowboy Cattle Valley, 7 by Carol Lynne Bad Boy Cowboy is one of my favorites because I just loved Logan and Jax.If you love m m romance novels this is a series for you to read.Carol Lynne s writing is fantastic.

    17. Who wouldn t love a sexy cowboy that rides a motorcycle.Logan s always had it bad for Jaxif only he can convince him to give it a shot.Both guys have some secrets that fill them with shame They will need to come clean before any lasting relationship can take root.

    18. I really like this I wish it had been longer with detail, but I m hooked and making my way through every Cattle Valley book now

    19. Logan and Jax Love me some cowboys Love the introduction of Campus Cravings Which I could be in a book club with Logan, hehe

    20. Logan and Jax s have fostered desire for each other for some time and now finally have the chance to reach for their HEA.

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