Enthusiasm There is little likely to exasperate a person of sense than finding herself tied by affection and habit to an Enthusiast Julie knows from bitter experience her best friend Ashleigh is an Enthusiast
  • Title: Enthusiasm
  • Author: Polly Shulman
  • ISBN: 9781101118825
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook
  • There is little likely to exasperate a person of sense than finding herself tied by affection and habit to an Enthusiast Julie knows from bitter experience her best friend, Ashleigh, is an Enthusiast Ashleigh s current fancy is also Julie s own passion, Pride and Prejudice, and the heroine s quest for True Love And so Julie finds herself swept along with Ashleig There is little likely to exasperate a person of sense than finding herself tied by affection and habit to an Enthusiast Julie knows from bitter experience her best friend, Ashleigh, is an Enthusiast Ashleigh s current fancy is also Julie s own passion, Pride and Prejudice, and the heroine s quest for True Love And so Julie finds herself swept along with Ashleigh, dressed in vintage frocks and sneaking into a dance at the local all boys prep school There they discover several likely candidates for True Love, including the handsome and sensitive Parr And Julie begins to wonder if maybe this obsession of Ashleigh s isn t so bad after all
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      Polly Shulman

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    1. Polly Shulman has edited and written articles about books, infinity, edible jellyfish, planets, circuses, and many other subjects for the New York Times, Science, Salon, and many other publications She is an alumna of Yale, where she majored in math She puts cayenne pepper in her chocolate cookies and reads forgotten books with frontispieces In high school she worked as a page at the New York Public Library s main branch, where the librarians trusted her with the key to the special materials storage cage She lives in New York City with her husband.

    2. This is one of those books that s cute and fine and everything but just so boring that I can t even bring myself to say anything in a review It s a nice but forgettable read I ll just leave it at that.

    3. This is a sweet YA romance, an homage to Jane Austen The characters are delightful, and the salutes to Austen a great deal of fun.Julie, the first person narrator, has been best friends with Ashleigh since early childhood Ashleigh gets Enthusiasms, and when she does, she goes whole hog Her latest is Austen, and of course she is determined to meet a Darcy She sweeps shy Julie along in crashing a dance at a snazzy prep school, where they meet a couple of cute guys, one of whom is Julie s secret cr [...]

    4. Ha This proves I like light, fluffy books Although rather predictable this book was thoroughly enjoyable Right on the cover was a recommendation of praise from Stephanie Myers which made me roll my eyes, and consider not reading the book I m glad I did though, I loved the two friends, Ashleigh s loyalty was refreshing Though her Enthusiasm didn t seem so very Enthusiastic after the first 50 pages or so Not when compared to the crazy things she s done in the past The love interest of both girls, [...]

    5. Enthusiasm is a fluffy, comfy book filled with references to Jane Austen and some of her works, most notably Pride Prejudice.A YA book, it was recommended to me by my teen daughter, so of course I had to read it A quick, fun read, with a cast of cute and quirky though unrealistic at times characters, Enthusiasm is definitely marketed to capitalize on the teen fascination with boys, crushes, first kisses and clueless parents.Very sweet and light fare, although as a mom I do take issue with the cu [...]

    6. This book is so sugary sweet you could say maybe it almost too sweet But as it is it s just what I needed I was in the greatest mood while I was reading it and after I finished This is probably the reason why I don t read as much deep sad books You know how you sometimes keep the feel of the book while you re reading it for a while If I m having a hard time then there is no way I m going to read a sad book I have to be in the right state of mind Julie has a friend name Ashleigh, who is an Enthus [...]

    7. I love Jane Austen I have read all of her completed novels at least twice I ve read quite a few JA para lit novels, and this is by far the best of the bunch It includes allusions to not only PP, but Emma, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, and even a little Mansfield Park, too Although she borrows from Austen s characters, Shulman does a great job of making them and the story fresh and unique There was never a doubt in my mind as to the ending it is, after all, a romance, and a YA one at that , [...]

    8. This is NOT a modern day retelling of Jane Austen It s of an homage to Austen and also Shakespeare The MC s BFF becomes obsessed with PP and Jane Austen, and there s a tiny bit of Pride and Prejudice references A Bingley, a Collins, but the male lead is no Darcy There s also a play within the book and a play within the play within the book Which is kind of fun.I enjoyed reading this book There were shenanigans The MC needs to grow a backbone and become a little aware of the world around her, b [...]

    9. It s been around five years since I first ran across ENTHUSIASM by Polly Shulman And, honestly, when I think about it, I m fairly certain I got this recommendation from Stephenie Meyer s website way back in the day I believe she had it on her list of recommended reads and I picked it up based on that and the fact that it had a Jane Austen angle It seems like there are so many of those these days, but at the time I hadn t read many I m very glad I did pick it up, as this is a perfectly delightful [...]

    10. Text to SelfThis book is definately for the light of heart, teenage girl Which is exactly what I happen to be I found a lot of connections between this book and my self I am a lot like the main character Julia We both have an extreme love of the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice, we both love, even though we might not show it all the time, our very best friend than anything, and would do almost anything for them, and we both hold on dearly to the dream that we will one day find our very own [...]

    11. Do you adore Jane Austin Are you searching for your very own Mr Darcy Do you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about Ok, well Julia Lefkowitz and her next door neighbor life long best friend Ashleigh Rossi do Julia is a huge fan of Austin, especially Pride Prejudice, and Ashleigh, well she is what you might call an Enthusiast At least, that is what Julie calls her You see Ashleigh has a tendency to become deeply, passionately obsessed with something, committing her whole life to it, at l [...]

    12. Julie has grown up her whole life with a best friend who is an Enthusiast Whenever Ashleigh, Julie s best friend, finds a new craze she jumps head first, and rarely comes up for air Her latest craze is non other than Jane Austen which she found when Julie lent her a copy of Pride and Prejudice This craze has Ashleigh speaking in 18th century English, and only wearing long skirts or dresses because it is immodest to reveal the shape of one s legs Her craze also involves a hairbrained scheme to cr [...]

    13. This was my second time around reading this book I just finished my other one and wanted something to read, so I went to my shelf and picked this one up Honestly, I forgot how much I loved this book Its quick read, light, funny and just perfect for a few hour long distraction on a rainy day As a sucker for rom coms and romance stories in general, I don t care how predictable it is, I love it all the same Its one of those books that requires me to stop for a minute to relax my face because it hur [...]

    14. Super cheesy but super cute I was in the mood for something just like it and i laughed out loud so much throughout the whole book Julia s friend Ashleigh is so comfortable in her own skin you wish you were just like her but some of her ideas are so embarrassing Some of the problem in the book seem so unrealistic and cheesy but the sad part is that they are totally true and are a huge deal in a teenaged girl s life All in all theres no way after you have finished the book that you can help but fe [...]

    15. Wow I did not expect this book to make me laugh as much as I inevitably did Things just get so chaotic, and the heroine heaps tons of crap on herself resulting in hilarious moments of what the heck The end is precious and had me aw ing out loud.

    16. Light, fun and a nice tie in to Jane Austen This book walks on that thin line of sweet and clever, without becoming insipid and silly I enjoyed the female characters willingness to be true to themselves and loyal to one another.

    17. It was so FUN to read this book As dumb as it may sound I felt like a teenager with a crush My heart fluttered at the first kiss and I laughed out loud in parts of this book which hardly never happens when reading I look forward to reading this book again in the near future.

    18. I give it a 4.5 only because it was a bit too predictableof course that s because I ve read Austen s works So, it was a bit comforting reading the familiar plots and storylines speckled throughout the book Overall an enjoyable and quick read.

    19. On se demande un peu pourquoi Jane Austen prend autant de place dans le titre alors que sa place dans l histoire est si superficielle et anecdotique.Enfin on sait tr s bien que c est pour mieux vendre et toucher un tr s large public.Ceci dit, c est tout mignon et tr s rapide lire Je croyais que la collection Wiz ditait des histoires de type fantastique mais l c est clairement du Harlequin

    20. I waited for than a decade to read this book A freaking decade And instead of getting a sweet romance inspired by Pride and Prejudice, I get this garbage.Ugh I am so mad right now

    21. More like 3.5 stars I rounded up this time because something about this book captured me with its charm Yes, it s an ode to Jane Austen But it s also an ode to Shakespeare, poetry, literature, music and high school But one thing I loved was that the trappings of real life never change the main character s spirit and voice Her Enthusiasm ha ha get it never dies I also loved that this ISN T a book about two female friends torn apart over a guy The plot is much subtle and complex kind of like be [...]

    22. I had a blast reading Polly Shulman s novel Enthusiasm, her homage to Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice It had been released in 2006 and was on my to read list for quite some time until I felt the need for something summerish and light to read Since it is classified as a young adult novel for grades 7 10, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by a less than sparkling plot and characterizations My assumptions were so wrong Totally It is quite amazing to think that this is Shulman s first novel If you [...]

    23. Super Cute I think I m secretly a 15 year old girl trapped in a 30 year old body Julie and her best friend Ashleigh have been friends a long time A tree separates their bedroom windows, and they frequently use it to visit each other Ashleigh is always coming up with a new crazy fad that she jumps into 100% Julie has seen this mysterious boy around town a few times, and she finds him very attractive.Ashleigh s latest scheme has them crashing a formal dance at the boy s prep school Oh, and Ashleig [...]

    24. This was an adorable book I don t normally go for the chick lit kind of books, but this was really just fun and cute Also, it was 1 at Books A Million so it was hard to pass up However, in my opinion the Stephenie Meyer recommendation doesn t do much to sell the book.So, Julie and Ashleigh have this amazing friendship Not only have they lived next door to each other for their whole lives, but there is a tree that connects both of their bedroom windows They can constantly go back and forth to eac [...]

    25. Ok, I ll admit it I m a sucker for well written YA romance This book falls into that category characters that seem relatively real, a romance that doesn t feel too far fetched, and a plot that doesn t want to do much than allow the characters to find each other in other words, no causes and no massive misunderstandings traumas to overcome.The plot is a mixture of Pride Prejudice and Midsummer Night s Dream, with people falling for the wrong person or assuming the wrong person is interested in s [...]

    26. I read Polly Shulman s Grimm Legacy series of books, which were very sweet, and got around to reading her first young adult novel, Enthusiasm This is exactly the type of book I would have loved as a young teen romantically predictable and clever The first sentence in the book starts it off well There is little likely to exasperate a person of sense than finding hereof tied by affection and habit to an Enthusiast Ashleigh is the enthusiast someone who latches on to brilliant ideas and proceeds t [...]

    27. This book had potential to be one of the cutest novels I d ever read, despite the slightly serious looking cover I know there s hot pink, but still The story caught my eye because well, who doesn t have a flighty, overly enthusiastic friend who loves picking up new hobbies Throw in a hot guy, a rule breaking plan with lots of mischief, a kick ass title, and you should have the formula for a nice fluffy story.Unfortunately, the story was not as captivating as I d hoped Maybe its just me, but I fo [...]

    28. Julie and Ashley have been best friends forever Through Ashley s King Arthur phase, her Wet Blankets phase, and now Jane Austen Which involves no showing of the lower limbs, learning the quadrille, and crashing the fall dance at the local all boys school, in search of Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley.Julie is an excellent best friend She s prepared to suffer the social criticism, the missteps, and even the total embarrassment of getting turned away from the dance.But just how well will that friendship s [...]

    29. This was a fun teen romance that was neat little twist on Jane Austen Julie s friend Ashleigh is always having these phases, or enthusiasms Suddenly Ashleigh discovers Jane Austen, and decided to go all out Julie finally persuades her not to wear long dresses to high school, but agrees to go along to a boys school dance, where they can meet their Mr Darcys.Like I said, it was a fun book Ashleigh reminds me of several people I know, but fortunately, not quite so obsessed And just about every read [...]

    30. This is a cute, young adult romance I would have just given it three stars, but there were a couple well written, very romantic scenes that pushed it to four stars for me I love it when authors are able to convey emotional intensity without being smutty The story is very cute I loved the pride and prejudice references There are quite a few Jane Austen characters here Important themes include friendship, loyalty, family roles, first love, misunderstandings, and self image It s a short read, only [...]

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